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Welcome to Arbortec

Here at Arbortec, we hold over 40 years experience, along with being an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor and having CHAS and TrustMark registration. We aim to complete all jobs, commercial and domestic, to an equally high standard. 

All of our team work to NPTC Standards and hold National Diplomas in Arboriculture. We use state of the art specialised equipment to carry out all Arboricultural jobs. Please see below for service links.

At Arbortec we undertake tree pruning work to British Approved Standards BS3998, and are also available for consultations on TPO's or Conservation Areas Applications.

Arbortec aim to provide tree related services of the highest standard for Bolton, Greater Manchester and all of Lancashire at a fair and competitive price.

Thanks, Arbortec Team

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Service links below


Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction refers to pruning work carried out over the entire parameters of a tree’s canopy. Reasons for this action are to help maintain good shape and retain large trees for the maximum amount of time without the need of full tree removal. Crown Reductions are a vital operation in the conservation of veteran trees, giving amenity value for as long as possible.


Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning relates to the removal of selected branches throughout the entire canopy of a tree. The quantity of removal is usually referred to in percentages, with 20% being the maximum for the entire canopy. This is achieved by removal of Secondary growth only, consisting of defective growth, deadwood and crossing branches evenly through the entire canopy. Arbortec carryout all tree pruning work to BS3998 wherever possible.


Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting relates to the removal of secondary growth on the lowest branches/limbs of the canopy. Reasons for Crown Lifting are normally to create distance from obstacles or ground level (vehicles, people or buildings). Arbortec carry out all pruning work to BS3998 wherever possible.


Section Fell

Section Felling is the technical term used in the industry for when the Arborist / Climber ascents to the top of the tree and use a chainsaw to dismantle the tree in small pieces. In some cases, they will using ropes to lower branches and logs to the ground in a controlled manor. Please get in contact with Arbortec for any advice or for a quote.


Specialist Tree Removals (MEWP’S / CRANES)

Tree work is amongst some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Due to the dangers involved its sometimes advisable to use MEWP’s (Multi Elevated Work Platforms) or Cranes providing a safe / controlled working environment. Arbortec have lots of experience in this area of arboriculture so please get in contact.



Site Clearance or Clear Felling really speaks for itself. This operation generally consist of the removal of all trees, shrubs or vegetation over a selected area. Clearance is normally carried out to redevelop a site, whether for construction, development or re-landscaping . If you’re looking for this service please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Arbortec Tree Surgeons of Bolton.



Stump Grinding is the best way to help regain land that has previously had trees or vegetation situated on it. At Arbortec we provide a full stump grinding service for Bolton and surrounding areas. Please feel free to get in contact for advice or quote regarding stump removal.



Arbortec Tree Surgeons believe the best time of year to carry out hedge related work is from September through till April. This is due to the dormancy period for trees and shrubs. For any advice or information contact Arbortec Tree Surgeons of Bolton.




Areas we cover

  • Atherton

  • Blackburn

  • Blackrod

  • Bromley Cross

  • Bolton

  • Bury

  • Burnley

  • Darwen

  • Egerton

  • Edgworth

  • Farnworth

  • Harwood

  • Hindley Green

  • Horwich

  • Kearsley

  • Leigh

  • Lostock

  • Prestwich

  • Radcliffe

  • Ramsbottom

  • Rivington

  • Salford

  • Tottington

  • Trafford

  • Tyldesley

  • Walkden

  • Westhoughton

  • Whitefield

  • Worsley