Hedges (Lowering / Trimmed)

You do not normally need permission to plant a hedge in your garden and there are no laws that limit the height you can grow your hedge. Nor is it an offence for a hedge of any particular height or species (variety) to be grown. Planning laws that governs the height of boundary walls and fences does not apply to hedges.

Problems can however occur if a hedge is allowed to grow unchecked, particularly without considering its effect on neighbours. If a neighbour has an issue about your hedge it is best to talk to them about it and try and sort things out amicably.

Common law rights entitle neighbours to cut overhanging branches back to the boundary line (unless other legal restrictions, such as a tree preservation order, apply), but require the cut foliage to be offered back to the owner. These common law rights do not extend to reducing the height of a hedge without the owner’s agreement.

As a hedge owner you are responsible for looking after any hedge on your property and for making sure it is not a nuisance to anyone. This means trimming the hedge regularly, both its top and all sides and ensuring that it does not pose a danger to people or property.

Arbortec are fully equipped and specialise in bringing any over grown hedges back under control.